The Next Food Network Star

1 Jul


There is was. The “submit” button. I sat on the edge of the bed staring at it as it stared at me with a daring glow, turning the lovely evening ambiance into that bright, sickish, blue-ish hue only computers emit. My eyeballs read those letters – s-u-b-m-i-t – for a long time. My computer mouse tempted to hover over it every time a rush of bravery came over me.

“Are you going to do it, babe?” Rob asked.

“I’m not sure,” the apprehension in my voice was thick.

“Why not? You’d be great. You should totally do it!” my ever-supportive husband was doing his best to be, well, supportive.

“No,” the words of finality echoed the closing slap of the laptop lid. “No, I’m not. Maybe next year though.”

That was four years ago. I had filled out the application for The Next Food Network Star and then totally and completely chickened out. When the next year rolled around, and the year after that, Rob reminded me of my secret wish to apply.  It really was a bit of a secret – I hadn’t really told many people. Maybe for fear that telling would take away my freedom to chicken out, or maybe for the insecurity of knowing others may think I couldn’t do it (although everyone I know is fabulous and wonderful and would, of course, never say that to my face!).

So last fall, when I received a casting call email stating The Next Food Network Star was currently taking applications, I faced my fear – my fear of applying (yeah, I know it’s pathetic), and finally did push that submit button.

First off, Steve Williams is a genius. Rob just happens to know a guy through the Coast Guard community, who just happens to be an excellent videographer, and who just happens to have done a television show application video in the past. He was kind, professional, and directed me on exactly what to do, as I clearly had no idea having never been in front of a camera before. The video turned out great.

But for anyone currently watching the Food Network, I obviously was not selected to be on the show. The funny (and also, again, slightly pathetic) thing is, even as time came and went without the ring of the phone, I still wanted to wait to blog about the video until after the show was already airing on television. Like I was waiting to really see that I hadn’t made it. Ha!

So now every week I watch The Next Food Network Star, cheering on those fellow foodies, and wonder if I actually could have done it. Being a home cook I knew that my chances weren’t super great, but I’m also so happy to see that there is a fellow food blogger currently competing. You go girl!

On a side note, school is out (insert real big PHEW here), and summertime has been ever relaxing. Having already traveled a bit and recorded lots of food on Instagram, I’m also working on many delicious recipes for more blogs to come. So please stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy the video, and many thanks to Steve!

3 Responses to “The Next Food Network Star”

  1. Uncle Paul July 1, 2015 at 8:19 am #

    Great job on the video! I don’t know what is wrong with those Food Network people. It is their loss. Keep up the good cooking.

  2. Sheila July 1, 2015 at 5:08 pm #

    Are they nuts, you are such an incredible cook. I love whatever you make. Keep your chin up, you are great!!!!!!

  3. Sue July 2, 2015 at 6:16 am #

    💗 You’re a Super Star to me! Keep rattlin’ those pots and pans . . . . and please set a place for me! 🍴

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