4 Mar

Today was one of those mornings where the sound of my alarm left me hoping it was Friday, but the realization that it was only Wednesday threw me into a tailspin equivalent to a 3-year old tantrum of really-really-really-do-I-have-to-wake-up-right-now?  

Then, the beautiful new Starbucks near the house had a liiiiiine (which isn’t really a big deal in hindsight, but after waking up on the Wednesday-when-it-should-be-Friday side of the bed, it’s the little things that get irritating, you know?).  

While the Americano softened the morning edge just a bit, anyone that works with children on a daily basis knows that when the weather changes, so do the children’s behaviors.  Here in Jacksonville, we’ve gone from record breaking cold to record breaking highs in a week, leaving everyone craving the doles of summer.  Thus, simply walking in the door, the students were wild with warm weather, yet snotty with the lingering sickness from the past week’s frigidity.  Today, we had an almost “vom” incident (the term we tenderly use for throwing up), a sudden and vehement bloody nose, and one girl blew yet another snot bubble out of her nose.  Gross, yes.  But not as interesting as last week, when another girl sneezed so hard that she fell over.  

To top the cake, one student told me I looked like I was 182 years old.  I corrected her and told her I was 21 (she doesn’t know that I’ve been 21 for the last 12 years).  

Sigh.  One of those mornings.  But it all started to pick up with lunch.  I had a fresh and simple spinach and strawberry salad, but what made it special was the Maple Balsamic and Black Pepper Drizzle; so flavorful that no oil was required.  It was purely 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 2 tsp good maple syrup, a pinch of salt, and a healthy heavy hand of cracked black pepper, mixed until combined.  It’s a great pairing with strawberries and sturdy enough to cut through spinach tannins.  With a toss of parmesan cheese, or nuts (for a vegan experience), or even roasted turkey breast, an easy and super healthy lunch is at the ready.  

Most days I’ve been able to turn the last night’s leftovers into something different and yummy for lunch, and it certainly provides that midday boost, especially on a Wednesday.  

So, to honor the Lunch, and give well-deserved credit to the often forgotten, fast-food driven, oh-I’ll-just-eat-a-piece-of-bologna-and-be-fine food experience, I’ve decided to start photo documenting my work lunches.  Lately, in my new social media frenzy, I have been posting Instagram pictures of my lunch with the hashtag: #LunchAtWork.  It would be awesome to turn this into something big, but being one that has never been “trendy” (people, I still think Birkenstocks are cool), I don’t know how to do this.  

Here’s where YOU (the fabulous readers) come in!  Take photos of your lunchtime eating experience and hashtag them #LunchAtWork.  Feel free to also send it to @42potatoesblog #42potatoes.

More than fun (and, trending, is the word?), let this be about sharing your food culture – are you a vegan?  A vegetarian?  Do you follow a Paleo diet?  What is your lunchtime craving?  Sushi?  Thai curries?  Personally, I love a good salad but also have been having fun experimenting with hearty grain bowls lately.  Leave a message, leave a recipe if desired, and let’s make Lunch important! 


One Response to “#LunchAtWork”

  1. Lance March 4, 2015 at 2:41 pm #

    Now that salad sounds good. We have some left over strawberrie…maybe lunch tomorrow. r/LOB

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