Oh, The Holidays

5 Dec

Picture This:

A beautiful Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings – Truffle Butter and Herbed Turkey, Stuffing in a Pumpkin, and Butternut Squash & Apple Soup to name some highlights, with two puppies non-stop chasing each other around (and on) the furniture “playing” like wild banshees.

Sig taking a moment’s rest from running around like a wild-ass dog to watch the Thanksgiving’s Best In Show.

My Mom and I happily doing one of our favorite things together – shopping for fixins to make her famous and absolutely delicious Turkey Tetrazzini.  And then her getting literally run over and wedged into the jarred marshmallow fluff by a motorized wheelchair backing up (why don’t they have the back-up beeper on those things?!).

Mom, Dad, Rob, and I enjoying a Thanksgiving-leftovers-lunch and a magnificent rolling-hills view on top of the barrel room of Oregon’s oldest winery, when my water bottle rolls off the ledge and literally shatters, spraying anyone that may have been in the near vicinity.

My face when my Dad wouldn’t let me have “Chex Mix” as the correct answer to a question in the “Logo’s” board game (the correct answer was “Chex Party Mix”).

My Dad’s face when I wouldn’t let him have “URL” as the correct answer to a question in the “Logo’s” game (the correct answer was “domain name”).

The sad-puppy-dog face Sig gave me all day when my family – and Sig’s long-lost brother, Turner – left.

The please-let’s-go-chop-down-our-own-tree-instead-off-buying-it-off-a-lot conversation Rob continuously had with me until I gave in.

Me standing in the middle of the Christmas tree farm with a bow saw, while Rob stood in the middle of the Christmas tree farm with a Starbucks.

The look on my face when Rob asked the burley, bearded Oregonian man with the chainsaw to cut down our U-Cut tree (Starbucks still in hand).

The look on Sig’s face as we carried a 9-ft. tree into our little house.

The look on both our faces when we got the gigantor 9-ft. tree to fit in our 9-ft. ceiling house.  Rob wants an even bigger one next year (really?).

Rob balancing on the top step of a step stool trying to put strings of lights on the larger-than-life tree.

Sig continually trying to eat the branches off the tree… goodness, doggie!

A week of Thanksgiving leftovers, then another 4 days of pizza and Chinese take-out.

Aren’t the holidays just picture perfect?!  (I’ll include some pictures when I can find the camera!)

Holiday recipes to come… just wanted to share some holiday cheer in the meantime. 🙂

One Response to “Oh, The Holidays”

  1. Jess Johnson December 6, 2011 at 3:57 am #

    Ha!!! I can picture Rob standing there with his starbucks while you cut down the tree! Too funny

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