A Year of Firsts

6 Sep

So while Rob and I were traveling through the beautiful, rustic, majestic, and humble farmland of the Umpqua Valley vineyards last Sunday, we started thinking about this last year, our first year of marriage.  Not only was it the token newlywed year (which some say is the hardest; we don’t, really), but we started to realize it was filled with a whole lot of firsts, accomplishments, and memorable moments.  Here are just a few to let you share in a tidbit of our little life up here in Coos Bay:

First time buying fish off a dock.
First time driving 2 hours to go to Target.
Our first Thanksgiving, where we cooked.
Rob making Lieutenant.
Our first art purchase.
Our first perfectly butterflied and grilled chicken, followed by a perfectly charred chicken, and then a perfectly raw chicken.
Our first Beef Wellington (Christmas dinner).
Our first home-grown tomato.
Our first dog, Sig.
Our first memories with Sig: Sig lapping wine on the coffee table, Sig stealing socks, Sig digging holes, Sig getting stuck under the couch.
My first trip to Cape Cod.
Our first trip to Bend, Oregon.
First time barrel-tasting in Oregon (TeSoAria winery – probably some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted)
First realization that in the grand scheme of things, most arguments are simply stupid.
Our first time skiing on a volcano.
First time going to the emergency room (an *almost* broken toe – Rob got his duty covered to drive me)
Our first married dates: morning Sugar Shack donuts watching the birds nest on the dock, surprise McDonalds at work, Empire Cafe Friday nights.
Well-traveled scones (Rob brings them back from his Newport duty nights… pastries airlifted by the US Coast Guard).
Our first pancakes in bed.
Fresh flowers almost every week.
First time we realized that we actually love Oregon.
An increasingly growing flatulence-comfort zone.
Massages, and lots of rain-checks for massages (I’m still waiiitting…).
Rob’s first time eating a 32-oz Ribeye steak in one of Portland’s most exquisite restaurants.
My first Oregon oyster in a half shell (they are HUGE, like actually-need-to-chew-them-not-just-suck-them-down large).
Our first time making Super Couch (where we push our two couches together to make one, giant, comfy couch).
First time meeting Michael Chiarello (he made fun of Rob.  I think Rob is still a little bitter about it).
Our first legitimate tsunami experience.
Rob’s first time falling in quicksand.
My first time freaking out watching Rob fall in quicksand.
Our first kiss each new day, followed by a last-day’s kiss each night.
Having the comfort and knowledge that we are each other’s other half.

Rob put it best: “I feel like we’ve done some pretty big things.”

Which, naturally, led to recounting our wedding reception.  Rather than use the standard table-service options that the Marriott gave us for the reception, Rob and I, being the relentless foodies we are (well, I’m relentless.  Rob is relentless-in-training), we decided to design our own menu.  Knowing our families, only one meat entree (beef tenderloin) and one veg entree (creamy truffled mushroom pasta) would do perfectly, and it did.  Among the many, many compliments we received that night, we continually heard accolades about our food choices.  Kudos to the great chefs at the Marriott, but we also like to take credit for designing the meal.  The thing was, we didn’t get to eat it!

As weddings go (I’m told), we were the couple that hardly got a bite to eat, and forewent on the booze, arriving to our honeymoon suite much later that night realizing we agreeably wanted to stuff our faces before, well, you know.

So last night, being our official one-year anniversary, after we opened our first-year anniversary cards (we not-so-surprisingly bought each other the same card), I made our dinner – our wedding dinner.  Pepper crusted Filet Mignon with a red-wine reduction, rosemary potatoes gratin, and crispy roasted veg: onions, green beans, and asparagus (although tender spring veg is short-lived up here, so the asparagus was seasonally nixed).  Falling in as yet another first in our lives, it was our first anniversary dinner, and it was delicious.  Just as we remembered… oh, wait… just as we were told it tasted. 🙂

4 Responses to “A Year of Firsts”

  1. Lance September 6, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

    Congrats you guys…hope to see you soon. I have my big annual fly fishing trip in 3 weeks…maybe I’ll corrupt Rob at some point. This year I am taking the CO to the Sherman Riffle fly fishing trip on the Rogue (my 6th year in a row). I think the only reason I keep getting invited back is that I fry a mean cajun turkey and always bring Edna bread. Last year T mades two monster Mufalettas with some of Edna’s garlic miches. Hope the new job is going well…is Rob an Aircraft Commander yet? r/LOB

  2. Gen September 6, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    You two are just plain awesome together. I’m still laughing about Super Couch!

  3. Kelsey September 8, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    ❤ ❤ LOVE THIS!


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